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Market Manager Gina Quattrochi's Style Can't be Stopped By El Nino

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Is "farmer's market chic" a thing? If so, Market Manager Gina Quattrochi definitely making this a trend we can get behind. The SoCal native, who can be found Saturdays at the Santa Monica's Virginia Avenue Park/Pico market and Sundays in Atwater Village, shows up to her gig looking cool rain or shine.

Since this has turned out to be the week of market-cruising girls we're crushing on (make sure to see our produce shopping tips from Lee Tilghman), we asked Quattrochi—early morning coffee in hand—to tell us a bit more about how she gets her effortless look, where she shops for functional and fashionable pieces locally, and the surprising ladies influencing her style.

Tell us about your outfit:

My outfit today is kind of my uniform for a rainy, cold morning at the market. A Penfield jacket I got in Massachusetts, a used men's wool sweater, Maison Scotch jeans I got at Individual Medley, scarf from Tavin, and these boots I scored at Wasteland. Oh, and my farmer's market manager hat, which is a standby.

Describe your style in three words:

Farmer's market groupie. Alternatively, street beach—but I know that's only two!

What LA boutique is your happy place?

I like Individual Medley's vibe for sure, but also Tavin in Echo Park.

What fashion item are you obsessed with buying right now?

I'm pretty into cozy sweaters. And hats. Always.

What are you currently on the hunt for?

Jewelry. I'm super picky and won't buy anything unless it feels right. And I just can't find the write stuff, but I feel naked without it!

Who's your style crush?

All the customers at the market it Atwater are seriously killing it, fashion-wise. I've got a new crush every week. Also my dear friend Megan Bea of The Bea Line.

Check out Gina's markets on Instagram here and here.