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Introducing Electric Flight Crew, LA's Coolest Fitness Social Club

Electric Flight Crew

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If you're a fan of our Racked Fit Club and often toast your achievements with a festive cocktail, you're going to love this. Electric Flight Crew is a group founded by two super-successful dudes—Josh Goldman and Jonathan Patton—that gets together weekly to take in a fitness session, followed by post-workout spirits. (They call this their "No Shower Happy Hour.")

Intrigued? So are we. Here, co-founder Patton tells us a little more about the awesome crew they're building and how you can become a member.

What inspired you to launch this club?
The inspiration for us came from wanting to customize and curate opportunities for good people and young professionals to socialize and network through collective fitness in LA.

What neighborhoods does EFC service?
We currently have two locations: EFC Westside and EFC West Hollywood. We're launching EFC South Bay (Manhattan Beach / Hermosa Beach) next month, and expanding into San Francisco, San Diego, and Orange County later this year.

What are your daytime jobs?
Josh is a Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician working with UCLA Family Medicine & UCLA Athletics, has worked with Olympic Athletes at the USOTC, and also has an MBA, no biggie. I work closely with Fortune 500 brands, media tech startups and early stage ventures, is a founding team member of a digital marketing platform H Code Media, and has helped coach kids wrestling on the Westside for many years. Both of us have been active our entire lives, and have always enjoyed sharing a beer or a drink after a tough workout or run!

What's the criteria for potential new club members?
Be a good person, love your career, and have a desire to want to contribute to our amazing Electric Flight Crew family and community.

What are some of the coolest events you've held?
Honestly, every weekly workout and Sunday Funday we host for our members is rad. We get excited for each of them, as they're all unique. And we'd be lying if we said that our Fourth of July Summer Kickoff Party and recently, our Holiday Party weren't pretty awesome to be a part of! Can't go wrong with bartenders, open bars, live DJs and some serious dancing.

Favorite fitness studios in LA?
All of our studio partners, which include OrangeTheory Fitness, SoulCycle, Pure Barre, Playlist Yoga, Yoga Fit, Basecamp Fitness, Barry's Bootcamp, Gloveworx, and Cave CrossFit.

What's your favorite song to workout to?
We have weekly playlists put together by in-house DJs, which are a mix of rock, rap, EDM, and more. Anything on our playlists typically gets us going.

Which celebrities would you love to see join EFC?
We wouldn't be upset if Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, or Aziz Ansari joined us for a workout or two!