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The Chalkboard's Suzanne Hall Walks Us Through Her Game-Changing Wellness Essentials

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Having your Best Year Ever isn't just about sticking to an effective fitness routine; it should also include fine-tuning your body from within by cleansing, eating smart, and exploring the wonderful (and sometimes intimidating) world of holistic health.

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to shopping wellness products at ErewhonWhole Foods, and beyond, our friend Suzanne Hall—editorial and creative director at The Chalkboard—is here to help. See below for seven of her must-have wellness buys and why they just might change your life.


What: Sun Potion Rhodiola ($55)
Benefits: Mood, Focus, Energy
Why: "Rhodiola is a powerful Chinese herb that increases my overall sense of well-being. I use it on stressful weeks for a boost in mood, mental energy, and clarity. This stuff is very potent; I can always feel it working in my bloodstream. As with all tonic herbs, always be careful to dose them correctly. Rhodiola is an 'adaptogen,' helping the body deal with stress under a wide variety of conditions. As a 'brain oxygenator' it helps the body to create serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters related to memory, endurance, and attention. It's kind of awesome!"


WhatGreat Lakes Gelatin Powder ($18.99)
Benefits: Beauty, Strength
Why: "Gelatin and collagen powders are incredible for strong, youthful skin and joints. I've been hooked on this stuff ever since a wellness pro I love shared this collagen latte recipe with me. I blend a little into coffee or smoothies daily. Another health pro I know recommends that women over 25 consume small amounts several times a day. Our bodies stop making collagen at a certain age and supplementing it helps skin and joints stay youthful. Highly recommended for yogis and other bendy types, also for girls obsessed with keeping skin looking great (all of us?). Remember, gelatin is not vegan."


What: Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder ($12)
Benefits: Protein, obviously
Why: "It's your best bet to get protein straight from your food, but when it comes to a protein powder for green smoothies and faux milkshakes, I love hemp protein. Hemp is rich in a full spectrum of nutrients, most notably omega fatty acids. I love hemp seeds raw, too, for sprinkling on everything. Sakara Life has a salad topped with half an avocado rolled in hemp seeds. Genius. I've been eating hemp seeds on my avocado toast ever since."


What: Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil ($23.50)
Benefits: Energy, Metabolism
Why: "I've been adding a tablespoon of this super-powered version of coconut oil to my coffee daily. Blending this into my black morning Americanos makes them as creamy as a Cappuccino, which is why I'm obsessed. (Sound indulgent?) The fats from MCT oil actually get right into your bloodstream, providing lasting energy and boosting your metabolism!"


What: Pressed Juicery Lemon Cayenne Water (learn more)
Benefits: Detox, Hydration
Why: "There's nothing more powerful for just about every health concern than getting super hydrated. Have you ever been thirsty, downed a bottle of water, and yet it didn't hit the spot? It could be that your body is craving minerals, too. With our modern, processed diets, most of us are deficient. I crave this bottle of Pressed Juicery h2o more than anything. Lemon alkalizes and mineralizes, and cayenne boosts circulation. The overall result is deep hydration, and an easy way to detox daily. Keep four bottles in the fridge and warm up half a bottle at a time every morning throughout the week. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach. This one healthy habit can do more to regulate your weight and energy than almost anything else, in my opinion."


What: Food Matters Superfood Chocolate ($24)
Benefits: Energy, Cravings, Minerals
Why: "Chocolate really is a superfood, it's no joke. The trouble is that it's usually tucked into cake. Or waffle cones. Since I can't eat cake for breakfast every day, I've found cacao powder to be the perfect craving buster. It's rich enough to fit the bill, packed with minerals for an energy boost, and takes the idea of Sprinkles mocha cupcakes completely out of my head. This cacao powder from Food Matters is super-rich with vanilla, coconut sugar, and pink salt added, making it easy to blend into coffee in the morning or smoothie in the afternoon or a little almond milk at night."


What: Four Sigma Winning X Mushroom Blend ($30)
Benefits: Immunity
Why: "You likely didn't grow up using mushrooms like reishi, chaga, and cordyceps to boost immunity, but these weird-sounding superfoods are quickly gaining widespread popularity. I took a single packet of Four Sigma's mushroom mixes daily the week before the holidays and that cold-weather cold that was coming on never manifested. This 'Winning' blend contains the ten most-studied medicinal mushrooms in the world, and is designed to enhance immunity, protect from pathogens, and help with stress."