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Fashion Entrepreneur Kendra Larkin Flaunts Looks for Less

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One look at the stunning Miss Kendra Larkin (that face! those stems!) and most people will wonder: Is she on TV? A pop star? Does she work in fashion? The answer to all being yes. Like many creative ladies, Larkin has explored many fields thanks to her photogenic looks and sparking personality. But her latest venture also comes thanks to a background in producing runway shows and unwavering passion for travel.

The Temecula native has spent a significant portion of her life globe-trotting and her experience in the fashion world led to strong connections overseas. Did we mention this smart cookie speaks four languages? Since she's fluent in Mandarin, Larkin saw an opportunity to connect designers to the Chinese market—an area that can be difficult for those without her expertise. In addition to her new business acting as a fashion liason, she's also been offering some styling lessons in both English and Mandarin via her YouTube channel, Dressed to the 798, named for Beijing's arts and fashion district.

Between bouts of world-traveling, Kendra let us in on her style must-haves (hair and nails done is a non-negotiable), the secrets of her globally-influenced wardrobe, and who's closet she's down to raid.

Tell us about your outfit:

Black silk tank top from Zara. Fringe skirt and booties from Forever 21—OMG I didn't realize how much F21 I had on! What can I say? They always have low key great deals. The choker is from Nasty Gal and these sunglasses are by Australian brand Quay—I love anything tortoise shell. I got my Chanel purse from my grandmother.

Describe your style in three words:

Eclectic, colorful, comfortable.

What LA boutique is your happy place?

It's between Collection LA and Nasty Gal.

What fashion item are you obsessed with buying right now?

Fringe and mules!

What are you currently on the hunt for?

The perfect black leather heeled bootie.

Who's your style crush?

Julia Saar Jamois, Natalie Joos and the twins of Urban Bush Babes, Cipriana and TK Quann.

Check out Kendra's Mandarin/English fashion lessons on her YouTube channel, Dressed to the 798 here and follow along on the Facebook page here. You can watch the video for her single "Addicted to the Dance Floor" here.