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Finance-Savvy Denim Devotees May Soon Buy More Than DSTLD's LA-Made Merch

DSTLD Denim/Facebook

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If you're a finance-savvy denim devotee who wants to take fashion from your wardrobe to your portfolio, listen up. Now that DSTLD has been pleasing jeanswear junkies with $65 denim and sweatshop-free tees for more than a year, the LA-based brand is taking names of potential backers as part of its SeedVest campaign.

The local online label currently "testing the waters [and] marketing to the 98%", meaning don't need to be a big-money blogstar or a B-list celeb to put down some change. They've scored over $8 million in investment interest so far, and anyone can sign up to show their support with no money down.

Want in? Investment "pledges" range from $1,000 to $100,000; sign up for a possible piece of the pie here.