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Photos! Inside Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty Pop-Up Shop at The Grove

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There's a good reason why Jessica Alba is the face of Honest Beauty, and it's not just because she's the boss. We know this because we sat vis-à-vis (seriously, where are her pores?) with the movie star-turned-mindful mogul yesterday at her new brand's pop-up shop preview at The Grove, which officially opens an hour from now.

Located at the outdoor shopping center's Grand Lobby (where Paper Crown popped up earlier this year), the soft and feminine space is filled with the non-toxic company's entire line of cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare. The 80-plus collection includes makeup bag must-haves like two-in-one mascara and lash primer, lip crayons, foundations, luminizers, and more for $40 or less—and we're told brushes and other beauty tools will soon join the mix.

Nodding to Honest Beauty's online roots, Alba tells us she wanted to incorporate digital displays into the brick-and-mortar experience, from magic makeover mirrors that allow shoppers to "try on" looks to interactive screens that showcase each product. Other interior decor touches honor Honest's LA home base: Alba reveals that the walls are decked out with art by local talents, and the skincare sampling station features a live aloe plant display—just one of the ingredients in her green products. Beauty buffs will also dig the secret photo booth, four makeup stations, and plenty of mirrors for touch-ups (or selfies).

The pop-up shop will hold court at The Grove for the next six months; explore more inside the clean and stylish space in the gallery above, then read on below to find out Alba's current makeup muses, her travel-ready beauty routine, her advice for future girl bosses, and more.

What's your top piece of advice for budding women entrepreneurs?

I think it's all in the details. You have to care about every single little detail. That's what's going to differentiate you from the others. You should look at yourself as your biggest competition and always try to innovate from where you are. Instead of looking sideways at the competition, look forward.

Who are your current makeup muses?

I'm always loving Gwen Stefani, I think she's always stunning and gorgeous. Every Victoria's Secret model! I love Karlie Kloss's fresh face and her beautiful skin. Jourdan Dunn is bananas, she's so beautiful.

You travel quite a bit—how do you adjust your beauty routine?

If it's winter and it's cold, I definitely use some heavier creams for more hydration, so I'll use the Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream. In the summer and spring, I'll use the Even Brighter, which is for more balanced skin. If I'm in a humid environment I'll use the [Dependably Clear Oil-Free Moisturizer]. It just depends on what environment I'm in—when I'm in New York, I'll use the [Oil-Free]. When I'm here in LA or a dryer climate I'll use the more normal and balanced [moisturizer] unless it's the winter.

We hear you're heavily involved when it comes to Honest Co. What surprised you the most when developing the beauty line?

The complexity of [all the] different people communicating and different experts that you need to put together a comprehensive line. There's a lot of moving parts, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing to packaging—[that] was a big one, [along with] the marketing on the products. How much information you want to give to the customer and how much is too much? You don't want to overwhelm them but you want to give them enough to take away something helpful.

What's your earliest makeup memory?

I think it's my first memory! Just watching my mom put her makeup every day. She wouldn't leave the house without her face on. She always looked glamorous—from her David Bowie eyeshadow and cheeks to the Madonna eyeliner. My mom rocked all the looks.

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