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Is Rodarte's 'Radarte' Focus Lazy or Savvy?

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Last week, the ever-opinionated Bryan Boy tweeted his disappointment in Rodarte, noting that their talent has been "reduced to overpriced junk logo t-shirts and sweatpants that Juicy Couture once did so well." He went on to explain that "logo tshirts are basically the intravenous drip lifeline for funds of any fashion brand," implying that the LA-based designer brand may be taking the Brian Lichtenberg-like route due to low sales.

Since Rodarte's "Radarte" sweaters and tees clearly do well at their sample sales, we're not surprised that designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy are making an effort to produce more versions of their money-making styles.

Although Rodarte's transition from aspirational to attainable is certainly a sign of the times, it doesn't make it easier to swallow, especially since the Mulleavy sisters have always been known for their intricate, museum-worthy knits. But those glorious creations don't pay the bills, sadly, so to avoid becoming a forgotten brand, they're doing whatever it takes to stay afloat. Or, who knows, they could have something epically FASHUN on the horizon and are just trying to throw us off. Only time—and New York Fashion Week—will tell.