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Videographers Hunter and Fox Show Off Snap-Worthy Styles

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Welcome to Style Crush, a new biweekly feature that shines a light on LA's best-dressed rising stars.

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Given their individual cool, urban styles, it comes as no surprise that Erin Rivera and Frankie Pimentel caught each others' eye seven years ago bumping into one another at various parties in the city. But the romantically-linked duo's admiration for each other didn't stop at aesthetics; the two connected with mutual (yet complimentary) interests in art and music—which naturally led them to their current endeavor, Hunter & Fox. Using photography and film (often in combination with curated tunes), their company has worked with publications such as Bunch and Darling magazines, and brands like Nasty Gal and Stoli.

In a rare moment of being in front of the lens, Erin and Frankie let us admire their #OOTD during a jaunt in the Arts District, then let us quiz them about what they can't stop wearing, the shops where they get the goods, and who's style is making them get googly-eyed.

Tell us about your outfit:

Erin: My top is from Virgo Downtown. Skirt and socks are from Topshop, shoes are Zara, backpack is Kara, jean jacket is a Levi's gem I found at the Rose Bowl Flea, and my patches and pins are from various artists: Tuesday Bassen, Esther Kim, Sara M. Lyons, Chris Uphues, and Sick Girls. One of my prizes pieces is from my brother's girlfriend Aimara who hand-stitched a patch of my English bulldog, Ozzy.

Frankie: My jean jacket and jeans are Levi's, polo is vintage Yves Saint Laurent, shoes are classic Vans, sunglasses are deadstock vintage frames from Pop Killer, beanie from H&M, and my pin is from Pin Trill.

Describe your style in three words:

Erin: DIY, playful, and comfortable.

Frankie: Vintage, street, and minimal.

What LA boutique is your happy place?

Erin: My happy place is the smallest store in LA called Pygmy Hippo Shoppe. This boutique has the best selection in pins, patches, and other goodies. The owner Emi carries everything from pieces by up-and-coming artists to vintage curios—a true local gem. For clothes shopping, I love Virgo Downtown. Their mix of vintage and contemporary items is always on point.

Franke: Local thrift stores (that I choose not to name for obvious reasons) are my go-to spots. I enjoy waking up early and rummaging through piles of clothes in search of "gold." Most of the time I get pretty lucky and find key designer vintage pieces.

What fashion item are you obsessed with buying right now?

Erin: Pins and Patches.

Frankie: Sneakers and pins.

What are you currently on the hunt for?

Erin: Jewelry! It all started in Brooklyn this past April when I stumbled upon Vera Meat. I fell in love with her creative and fun pieces. I'm now on the hunt for more to compliment my current collection. Her ladder necklace and filled-in heart mid finger ring have been in heavy rotation.

Frankie: I have been on the hunt for a fitted vintage motorcycle jacket. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find one that fits perfect!

Who's your style crush?

Erin: Most of my style crushes are from the 90's, including Gwen Stefani, who still gives me heart eyes,

Frankie: As cheesy as it may sound, I'd have to say my style crush is Erin. I always enjoy being out with her and watching people stop what they're doing to ask her about her outfit, where she got her shoes, or even about her hair.

For more about Frankie & Erin's video/photography business Hunter & Fox, visit the website here or follow along on Instagram here. Their personal styles can be peeped on their personal accounts here (for Erin) and here (Frankie).