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Is Pasadena's Lincoln Corridor the Next Big Hipster Haven?

Lincoln Pasadena
Lincoln Pasadena
The Poetry of Living

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Now that Highland Park is pretty much the new Echo Park, everyone is wondering where hipsters will migrate next. According to the official "Real Estate Agent to the Hipsters," it will soon be all about Lincoln Corridor, a gentrifying stretch at Western Pasadena & Altadena that already includes a stylish eatery called Lincoln.

Our site site Curbed LA notes that said agent Tyler Harman has already predicted the nabe's fedora- and man-bun-wearing future. "There is a very large concentration of investor flips that are driving up prices," Harman notes, adding that "soon [hipsters] will start venturing south of the 10 Freeway and underneath Downtown L.A."

There you have it, future retailers.