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Here's the Metered Lot That Took Over Abbot Kinney's Free Parking

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It was only a matter of time before LA's meter maids hopped aboard the Abbot Kinney commercialization bandwagon. The city is finally (yup, finally) cashing in on that prime parking real estate at Electric and Santa Clara Avenues, which now collecting quarters and cards.

Compared to some of DTLA's buzziest nabes—like the Historic Core, where one hour will cost you $6—the lot's rates aren't too insane; a space at the now-paved lot is $3 per hour Friday and Saturday (6pm to 2am) and $2 per hour at all other times. Otherwise, there's still free 30-minute to 2-hour street parking on Abbot Kinney and side streets if you happen to shop on weekday afternoons and other non-peak hours.

Onto the guessing game as to how much a parking ticket will cost forgetful meter feeders, because LA.

Abbot Kinney Parking

1301 Electric Ave, Venice, CA 90291, USA