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Wetsuit Goddess Kassia Meador on Surf, Travel, and Feeling Like A Superhero

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Pro-surfer, wet-suit designer, and first lady of our "Squad Goals" list, Kassia Meador, grew up in Los Angeles watching her dad surf and really got into it herself at the age of 14. Three years later she was traveling the world, sponsored by Roxy and literally living the dream. "It was a romantic fantasy to me," she told us. "Waking up, surfing, hanging out with friends, bonfires and then waking up to do it again." Always infatuated with wetsuits, it makes sense that her sponsorship with Roxy led to a position designing for the brand. With her first-hand experience and an ability to accentuate the female bod with neoprene, collection after collection would sell out.

"For me, wetsuits are like super-hero outfits," Meador, who left Roxy two years ago to start her own kick-ass line of high-end suits, explained. "We all have that outfit that we love to go out in and when you wear it you're out there dancing and feeling good. I wanted to bring that same spirit to the ocean." Her namesake brand launched this past April and features high-quality wetsuits that are designed to last longer and keep you warmer while at the same time holding onto the style and shape that sets her apart as a designer. With one collection a year, Meador plans to continue introducing supplemental products such as tees, handbags and that palo santo-infused wax to "keep the stoke" in other ways.

We sat down with the ultimate beach babe at one of her favorite Venice spots and got the download on '90s music, vacations and all things surf-related.

What are you drinking today?

This is the "Date Shake" from Moon Juice. I put ormus greens and also had them add banana and cacao. It's so delicious and it will give you good energy.

When is your favorite time to surf?

It depends. There's something about the sunset hour and just hanging out that I love but there's something too about the early morning if the waves are great. I'm not really a creature of habit, I love when things are different all the time.

What's your favorite Venice spot?

There's this vegan Thai place that opened up on Lincoln called Satdha and it's insane. Also Gjusta, it's a bakery but they have really good sandwiches and I love how you can go in and get snacks and take them to the beach and just chill.

Sunrise or Sunset?

Sunrise. There's an old quote "In the morning there is meaning." No matter what you go through in the day, you wake up recharged and reset.

Who is the last person to leave you a voicemail?

My friend Charlotte, she just got back from Burning Man.

What's the last concert that you went to?

The Pixies at the Hollywood Bowl.

Wetsuit or bikini?


What's your best vacation memory?

I feel like, in so many ways, my life has been a vacation.  I think it's just being out and surfing really good waves with your friends. Nick [my boyfriend] and I went down to Mexico for New Years with a couple of good friends, it was super chill and we had the best house on the beach. That was the closest thing to a vacation I've had in a while because we couldn't get on the Internet and that was nice. You're forced to not communicate with the outside world.

Describe a typical day.

Wake up, I love tea in the morning, check some emails then meditate. If there are no waves, I get into work, work, work but if there are waves, I go surfing and then work.

Blue jeans or cut-offs?

Blue jeans.

If it was 1995 and you had to call in and request a song what would you have them play?

It's hard to choose, I think it would be bands instead of songs. Smashing Pumpkins or Nirvana and I also love Violent Femmes.

What's your life motto?

"There is no coincidence." With life, you've got to jump in with no regrets. I think surfing gives you a lot of metaphors for life. Whenever I hesitate and try to second-guess myself, that's always when you wind up eating shit.

Fill in the blank. Straight Outta...

Straight Outta Los Angeles. That's what's up.

Moon Juice

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