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Los Angeles Fashion Week Gets an Official Venue and Mayor Eric Garcetti's Blessing


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Following countless attempts to legitimize Los Angeles Fashion Week, hopeful souls are still trying to make this thing happen. We may have found our savior in Arthur Chipman, the executive producer of what is called the "official" LA Fashion Week according to a new press release.

Backed by a snazzy website, a signed proclamation by Mayor Eric Garcetti (see below), and a team that includes a former New York Fashion Week pro, LAFW's debut will take place October 7-11 at DTLA's historic Union Square train station—not 20 million different venues like former seasons. (That's promising in itself.)


"We believe that Fashion Week should be about showcasing amazing, innovative design talent from around the globe," Chipman tells us. "There is an incredible amount of business to be done here in LA with our thriving apparel market and manufacturing industry. Our goal is to bring international brands to Los Angeles that have never shown in the US before to help build their businesses, while boosting our own local economy, and elevating emerging and established local favorites."

In other words, LA Fashion Week will host more than just LA designers, which is kind of odd, but hey, New York Fashion Week doesn't only showcase New York-based designers, right? Either way, this format risks alienating local talent and indie fashion fans who were hoping to find some more recognizable hometown heroes in the lineup. Check out LAFW's spring 2016 roster here (LA designers include William Bradley and Reese), and tell us what you think.

LAFW at Union Station

800 N Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA