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Cool Conscious Label Industry of All Nations Opens Its First Store on Abbot Kinney

Sera Lindsey

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Back in 2010, three Argentinian brothers—Juan Diego, Fernando, and Patricio Gerscovich—launched Industry of All Nations with a pair of beautiful, biodegradable espadrilles. Headquartered in LA, the progressive company is on a constant mission to "return manufacturing to the original makers while continually researching and utilizing new sustainable and environmentally conscious production methods," offering stunning staples free of fuss. Now that IOAN is carried in approximately 100 retailers across the US, Japan, and Europe, the collective is ready to dive into the brick and mortar world, opening its first permanent store in Venice.

Located at 1121 Abbot Kinney Boulevard directly across from Rag & Bone, IOAN Venice's quaint, 700-square-foot space is filled with fall-ready items, from naturally dyed organic cotton basics to raw selvedge organic denim to wool blankets to the aforementioned biodegradable espadrilles. Prices range from $35 to $425, making it a good option for a variety of budgets. Here, we sat down with Juan Diego to learn more about this exciting launch.

What inspired you to open your first store on Abbot Kinney?

"In LA, there are very few walkable shopping neighborhoods. When we came across this particular space on Abbot Kinney, it felt perfect—very Industry. The landlord is a great guy and a very good architect and he really appreciates what IOAN is all about. Everything just came together the way it was meant to."

What do you admire about California style and how does your brand compliment it?

"We admire and are influenced by California's laid-back style, but the true inspiration comes from the way in which we create and manufacture our products, or as we call them, 'productions.' We design for everyone; our styles are basic by design and are made with sustainable materials: organic cotton T-shirts and organic denim dyed with 100% natural dyes, virgin Alpaca sweaters, and biodegradable espadrilles, to name a few. When you buy something from Industry, you are not only buying a product but more so a process."

Which famous California girl would you love to see wearing IOAN?

"We want every California girl in Industry. Just today we got in our first run of women's productsthat line will continue to grow and evolve."

What's your favorite feature in the new store?

"All of the packaging and displays are recycled. If you look at the stock shelves, which are in the middle of the shop, you see all brown recycled paper elements. Overall, the store is very uncluttered, straightforward, honest, and deceptively simple—it's all about the products and the stories. Their is not one decorative element in the shop."

What LA neighborhood would you love to open a store in next?

"Hollywood, near my house. I love that neighborhood, it is quintessential LA!"

Industry of All Nations is open Monday through Sunday from 11am to 7pm.

Industry of All Nations

1121 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291, USA