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Disneyland to Designing: A Day in the Life of Reality Star Kimberly Stewart

Welcome to In Her Shoes, a new monthly feature where we ask a local tastemaker to walk us through a day in her life while showcasing the stylish shoes that help them do it.

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Kimberly Stewart has been a household name ever since catching up on celebrity blogs became a morning ritual. Most of us watched the model turned reality star turned designer-mom grow up and by Hollywood standards, that practically makes her our bestie right? She most recently took over our televisions on E!’s reality series Stewarts & Hamiltons which traced her infamous family’s every move and wrapped its first season Monday night.

While she’s never had to look for ways to fill her time, the summer was an exceptionally busy time for this rockstar mom; not only was it the premiere of the reality show but also the launch of her collaboration with UK scarf brand, Rockins. As fate would have it, Stewart met the brand's co-founder, Jess Morris, at a London party a few years ago and the two became fast friends. Naturally, a collab based on Stewart’s rock-and-roll background was born. Oh as for that background, you’ve probably heard of her father Rod Stewart and asked someone "Do ya think I’m sexy?" because of it.

In case shooting a reality show, putting her mark on the fashion industry and raising a daughter weren’t enough, Stewart takes mom-duty to a whole new level before even heading to work. Here’s a peek at how she manages to fit it all into one full, action-packed day.

6:00 AM

"Waking up early with my daughter has become the routine. Cooking breakfast for both of us before we start our day together."

10:30 AM

"Time for Disneyland! Surprised the kids with some friends with a trip to the happiest place on earth. Although we were more excited to see the princesses than the kids were!"

1:00 PM

"Taking my daughter, Delilah, for a spin. The trip wouldn’t be complete without Minnie ears."

5:00 PM

"Back home and time to work. After taking the past four years to raise my daughter, I’m happy to get back into my designing and modeling career. Shooting for my new skinny scarf collaboration with the UK brand, Rockins."

5:30 PM

"Loving this design, one from 'Kimberly Stewart for Rockins.' Inspired by anything vintage with the 70’s Rock’n’Roll flare. They complete any outfit."

6:30 PM

"Can’t go wrong with these boots, even in 90 degree LA weather. Off to shoot with the family for the finale of Stewarts & Hamiltons."

8:00 PM

"Have a little down time in between interviews to check out the latest delivery of Rockins. Checking the fabric and design of each one from the collection sent over by my good friend, and Rockins co-founder, Jess Morris."

9:30 PM

"My face says it all. To have all aspects of our crazy lives caught on camera, words can’t describe the experience but it has certainly brought us closer in many ways."