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Don't Dress Like a Nasty Gal When Interviewing With Sophia Amoruso

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If you thought Sophia Amoruso's first book, #GIRLBOSSlacked true career advice, perhaps the Nasty Gal founder's latest LinkedIn may fill that void.

As part of the professional social networking site's Influencer series, Amoruso reveals nine tips for becoming a successful hire, which include taking the time to type up a cover letter ("since nobody writes them, I always read them") and penning a physical thank-you card ("when someone tries to connect directly, it can feel really special").

She also stresses the fact that scoring a meeting with her is not an invitation to model the retailer's unapologetically sexy style. "When people interview at a company like Nasty Gal, they often put too much pressure on themselves to dress to the brand, which can be very distracting," she explains. "I want to focus on the person and their answers, not a dress that’s showing their undercarriage, or a large tattoo across their back. And quite frankly, there are very few positions at the company where what you wear is a reflection of how suited you are to do your job. The interview is not the place to make that the focal point."

In other words, leave the chainmail tank top at home. Read more of her tips here.