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The Sweat Shoppe's Toluca Lake Studio Is Opening in a Hot Minute

Lara Jarmon/Instagram

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Back in May, we revealed that North Hollywood's The Sweat Shoppe was bringing its hot indoor cycling sessions to Toluca Lake. Slated to open August 1st, the workout studio's debut has been delayed due to construction and inspections.

"At this point in time we are at the mercy of contractors and city inspectors," the Sweat Shoppe notes in a recent email blast. "Not everything has gone according to plan and the mistake we have made is getting too excited and eager." (It happens!) The studio promises to keep fitness fiends updated on when they're "100% ready to get sweaty in the space."

Once open, the 3,800-square-foot studio will feature 50 stationary bikes, a massage room, a dedicated parking lot, and more. For now, fitness fiends can still book bikes at the NoHo location, still the pedaling ground's of last year's Hottest Trainer winner Naomi Priestley.