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Did Jeremy Scott Rip Off This Street Artist for Katy Perry's Met Gala Dress?

Katy Perry and Jeremy Scott at the Met Gala in May.
Katy Perry and Jeremy Scott at the Met Gala in May.
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Another street artist is calling Jeremy Scott a copycat. At the Met Gala earlier this year, the LA-based creative director outfitted Katy Perry in a graffiti-inspired Moschino gown that promptly landed her on pretty much every worst-dressed list. But it gets even worse: Scott and the Italian fashion house are being slapped with a lawsuit alleging that the Met outfits violate the intellectual property rights of renowned graffiti artist Joseph Tierney, aka "Rime."

In a suit filed yesterday, NY-based Tierney calls out his 2012 mural "Vandal Eyes" (below) as the original source of Scott's inspiration for Moschino's fall/winter 2015 collection, notes Pret-a-Reporter. The designer also walked down the red carpet in a matching tux emblazoned with two cartoonish eyes—which look damningly similar to Tierney's art. In addition to claiming that his work was "exploited" by Perry and Scott, Tierney alleges that "his credibility as a graffiti artist was compromised by inclusion in such a crass and commercial publicity stunt."

If all of this sounds familiar, it's because Scott was sued—and later settled—by Santa Cruz skateboards, which claimed that the designer's fall/winter 2013 collection ripped off a deck designed by artist Jim Phillips. Before that lawsuit, Scott admitted that he was inspired by LA skate punks. (Hmmm.)

Check out the entire list of complaints in the original filing here.


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