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Now Your Screen Will Never Go Dark With Joe's Jeans's Phone-Charging Denim

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Joe's Jeans

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Nomophobia—the fear of being out of mobile contact—is totally a thing, and now denim devotees will never have to experience it. LA-based Joe's Jeans unveiled a new line genius jeans designed to keep your phone juiced up, which means the future is finally here, folks.

Dubbed the #Hello line, the women's range includes four skinny denim styles ($189) with built-in waistband pockets for a battery pack (not included; $49), which features an LED light "that lets you know when your battery is low and a built-in protection system to prevent over-charging." The slim silver charger includes an iPhone and micro USB cable; it'll charge an iPhone 5/5S up to 85% and an iPhone 6 up to 70%.

Bonus: the charger can probably double as a butt warmer for LA's three days of winter. See how it all works and shop the collection here.