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Khloe Kardashian and Her Mom Are Being Sued For Late-Night Fireworks Show

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The Kardashians continue to ruffle neighborhood feathers. Followings news that the famous family is getting the stink eye from drought-mind neighbors for Kimye's luscious, well-watered lawn, Khloe is now being sued for a fireworks spectacular she threw for her current boyfriend, NBA star James Harden.

Our sister site Curbed LA reports that homeowners living near the yacht where the late-night fireworks took place "have decided to file a lawsuit in small claims court against both Khloe and her mom," citing "emotional distress" and "seeking the maximum amount allowed in small claims court ($7,500)."

Locals specifically requested to take this to small claims so that they can tell Khloe and Kris off to their face; we're guessing the celebs will find away to avoid the appearance altogether.