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LA's Streicher Sisters on Their Bobbi Brown Faves, Beauty Rules They Break, and More

Striiike/Noseph Trinh

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Good things really do come in threes—especially if you're looking for Cara's brows, Emma Stone's perfectly-tousled tresses, and Emily Blunt's flawless face. The stylish trio behind countless A-listers (their client list includes the latter two actresses) is made up of makeup artist Jenn Streicher, hairstylist Ashley Streicher, and feathered brow guru Kristie Streicher, who brought their beauty games to Beverly Hills last year with the opening of Striiike Salon.

The sisters recently teamed with Beverly Hills-bound Bobbi Brown (stay tuned for more on her LA beauty shop) to toast her new Intensive Skin Serum Corrector and Concealer ($40 each), available at the makeup artist-turned-cosmetics creator's beauty counters and online next month. We met up with the trio before their Q&A sesh at Nordstrom at The Grove, where we chatted about their BB faves, their favorite makeup counter memories, the beauty rules they're guilty of breaking, and more.

Read on below and shop Bobbi Brown's latest skin-perfecting product—which targets and treats dark circles with Eastern medicine-inspired formulas—starting in September here.

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Where were your first beauty jobs, and what were some of your favorite memories?

Jenn and Kristie: Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights.

Kristie: Jen's a couple years older than me and she worked at a counter, and I just remember going and seeing her [at her first job at Estée Lauder] in cute heels and that navy smock, and all the girls looked so glamorous with perfectly painted faces. I always thought they looked so feminine and beautiful.

Behind the counter, I was actually worked with Clinique so it was very clinical and skincare-oriented—it's actually what inspired me to get into aesthetics. I eventually got my aesthetician license, which is what put me behind the chair doing skincare and brows. Now brows are my main thing.


Striiike Salon/Facebook

Inside Striiike Salon in Beverly Hills.

Jenn: Somebody had suggested when I was still in high school that working at a makeup counter would be a really good job for me. It did seem very glamorous, wearing nylons [and] having all that makeup at your disposal. [Estée Lauder] offered a really great education to learn tips and tricks. It was a great job.

Ashley: I used to love all the samples and the free giveaways!

Kristie: [Ashley] was smart, she got her [cosmetology] license in high school.

Ashley: [Jenn and Kristie] were like, "Please go to college!" I went to cosmetology school in high school so when I graduated, I was planning on just having a really good job while I went to college. But then I loved it and I moved to New York. It worked out though.

What's the one beauty product you never leave the house without?

Ashley: I never leave the house without blush.

Kristie: Clear, strong hold brow gel.

Jenn: A bright lipstick.

What Instagram accounts are you currently obsessed with?

Jenn: We love Jen Gotch [of Ban.Do].

Kristie: Amy Sedaris is hilarious. NatGeo and Lost Hairdressers.

Jenn: We do love a little Fat Jewish.

Ashley and Jenn with actress Lily James.

What fall beauty trends are you loving?

Jenn: I'm loving all the gorgeous deep wine berry lipsticks.

Kristie: I feel like vamp is even making a comeback—like more graphic, liquid lines. I feel like beauty was so natural for so long where you didn't want to see the makeup; [now] it's more exaggerated and more on purpose [and] deliberate.

Ashley: We're still seeing a lot of lobs. At least now, I think people are growing it out to a mid-length; it's like the updated soccer mom, but still soft and natural texture. Definitely the bob is here.

Kristie: What about man buns?

Ashley? OMG. O-V-E-R! It's out. Let's not talk about man buns.

Kristie working her signature feathered brow magic.

What beauty rule are you guilty of breaking?

Ashley: Sometimes I don't wash my hair. I rinse it, but it gets better if I sweat.

Jenn: You don't brush it and you go to bed with it wet, which are all the no-nos.

Ashley: But it works for me. Everyone's different.

Kristie: I never wash my face, but I have really dry skin. When I stopped washing my face, I stopped breaking out. What I do—this is horrible—I would wash my face and I would start picking. It goes from one little blackhead to it's over. So I just don't do it. I use oil and I [wash my face] in the shower so I don't pick.


Bobbi Brown's new corrector and concealer, available September

Besides her new corrector and concealer, what else is your favorite Bobbi Brown product?

Ashley: I love the smokey eye mascara.

Kristie: The new brow pencils are awesome—they're really long-wearing, sweat-proof, [and] waterproof.

Jenn: I have some brushes that I've had by since I worked for [her], which was probably 20 years ago; I don't even think they make anymore. She makes amazing brushes.

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The sisters during last week's Bobbi Brown event at The Grove's Nordstrom.

Got any beauty horror stories?

Kristie: I had a green mohawk once.Then I shaved my head because where do you go from there? It's amazing how much your hair makes you feel feminine and you don't realize it. I was overcompensating with makeup and earrings and it just felt really funny. Somebody told me that if I shaved my head it would grow back thick and curly. It doesn't.

Ashley: Kristie once gave me [permanent mascara] that I didn't love. She did a class on [it] and I was her model. I hated it.

Jenn: I feel like I've had every haircut and hair color imaginable. Short and long, and now I'm going gray.

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