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Pixie Acia of SoulCycle is LA's Hottest Trainer of 2015!

Sera Lindsey

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After sixteen contestants, two weeks, and three rounds of voting, we've finally found this year's winner. Pixie Acia—former LA Ink reality star and current SoulCycle Hollywood superstar—has been crowned the Hottest Trainer in LA!

It was a close call, but Acia beat Equinox's Drake Abshire by a margin of 1235 to 1058, awarding her shining rays of glory, internet fame, and hopefully, tons of new clients.

Check out SoulCycle Hollywood's schedule here to catch a Pixie-led class, and follow the split-tongued adrenaline junkie on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks to all the inspiring, intelligent, and of course, incredibly hot trainers who participated this year!

SoulCycle Hollywood

6201 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028