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Beat the Heat with a Cool Saturday Cruising Newport Beach

Welcome to Perfect Saturday, a semi-regular Racked feature in which we outline the best places to shop and spend the afternoon in a particular neighborhood, starting with brunch and ending—who knows!

Visit Newport Beach

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We don't have to yell you Angelenos how hot it is out there (our soggy bangs will do the work for us). If—like us—you're looking for a dark hole to crawl into where you can just fold your arms, pout, and shout "NO!" at pretty much everyone and everything, we've got an alternate plan.

It's easy to think of Orange County as an alternate universe when you're used to staying in your LA bubble, but guys—its really not that far. Just an hour long, air-conditioned ride away, Newport Beach awaits with all the hot weather remedies you're in desperate need of: cool waves, a productive way to sweat, something cool and cleansing to sip, and plentiful swimsuit and sunnies shopping (we could do an entire Perfect Saturday post on Fashion Island alone). Below see all our recommendations for keeping cool in breezy Newport Beach.


Epic Seed/Instagram

Since we love to include a high-octane workout in our weekend plan (see below), let's get the day started by prepping your bod for the sweat session it's about to endure. Krisp Fresh Living (1651 Westcliff Drive) has all the goods for a healthy breakfast with nourishing, fresh-pressed juices to detoxify your system and boost your mood as well as tasty, antioxidant-packed acai bowls (the Cacao Bliss is a winner for all you chocoholics).


Women's Health

We know you've already been sweating your booty off, but did you know that unless you're actively doing cardio, you've only been losing water weight? Bummer, we know, but the good news is Newport Beach boasts a workout that's both super productive and totally fun. Bari Studio (2125 San Joaquin Hills Road) classes combine cardio with trampoline exercises and toning moves for a 60-minute session that will have you using muscles you never knew existed. Novices, fear not. Saturday mornings the studio offers two of the mandatory intro classes (chose either Barimicro and Barione, each $20), in which you'll learn the basics of the company's hybrid method.


Fashion Trends Daily

Fashion Island's Letarte boutique (133 Newport Center Drive) is a swim sanctuary, with its cool and clean design that always brings the chill vibes. The Maui-based brand has Sports Illustrated-approved styles (their notoriously sexy swimsuit issues have featured the brand for years) and to suit a variety of body types, as well as cover-ups cute enough to wear to your post-beach dinner date.


Newport Beach Indy

See Eyewear (213 Newport Center Drive) prides themselves on offering a strong spectrum of both classic and trendy frames at an accessible price point. Weather flashy, mirrored aviators or classic tortoise shell wayfarers are your style, this shop will meet your sunglasses needs. Hell, buy both—at just under $100 a pop you can score a pair for either mood. A girl has the right to change her mind, after all.