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Jeremy Scott on Designing MTV's Moonman, His Fave VMA Fashion Moment, More

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To say that Jeremy Scott is reaching for the stars is quite an understatement. On top of scoring his own documentary and dressing Madonna for her world tour, the Moschino creative director and LA-based designer is putting his kaleidoscopic magic touch on another music icon: MTV's Moonman.

In the midst of prepping for this Sunday's Video Music Awards at LA Live's Microsoft Theater in DTLA, we caught up with the designer on his favorite VMA fashion moment, the next music icon he'd love dress (spoiler: it involves a legendary country singer), what he's got up his sleeves for this year's red carpet outfit, and more. Read on below and catch some behind-the-scenes snaps from the Miley Cyrus-hosted awards ceremony, which airs on MTV this Sunday, August 30th at 9pm.


What's inside the swag bag.

What were your first thoughts when you were asked to design the Moonman?

I just really wanted to find a way to make this cherished and beloved icon something that would have my spirit but still retain its original DNA. I think that's what's so important when you work with an icon—there's a Moonman in the Smithsonian. I've been very happy to be able to put my twist on him [like with the sneakers]. And he's the first award to ever have an Emoji made out of them.


Where the action will be happening.

Besides everyone's red carpet game, what else are you excited about at this year's event?

Having the honor and redesigning the Moonman and creating the sets for the pre-show and the red carpet and step and repeat. The whole first experience all the artists are going to have when they come to the awards is going to be this world that I created. It's beyond flattering; I'm over the moon.


The seating arrangements.

What are your top MTV memories?

I grew up with MTV and Club MTV and Just Say Julie and all of that, but the VMAs [have been] just such an iconic part of pop culture, and it's such an important part not only about fashion and music and style, it's the amalgamation of all of it. It's everything.

And your favorite VMA fashion moment?

I'm just gonna tell you—it's my tuxedo last year when I wore my yellow smiley face. I'm going to try to outdo myself this time.

Interesting! Can you give us any hints?

[All I can] tell you is that it's going to be "out of this world."


Kylie and Britney will be just one seat away.

Who's the next music icon you'd love to dress?

I've dressed all the best musicians; all the most iconic ladies and gentlemen of the music scene [so] I would be remiss to say there's anyone that I've never had the chance [to style]. I would be passionate to do a Dolly Parton outfit one day but I would be spoiled to beg for anything more than what I've had.


Taylor Swift, Nick Jonas, Gigi Hadid, Justin Bieber, and more: this section is gonna be buzzing.

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