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Here's Kristen Stewart Dressed All Retro For Woody Allen's New LA Film


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Taking a break from his New York City obsession, Woody Allen's next film is currently being shot in Los Angeles, the director's cinematic return to our city since Annie Hall. Known for casting Hollywood's top It-girls for his cult features, Allen's latest muse is Kristen Stewart, who emerged this week in costume while shooting the untitled project.

We're feeling the Twilight star's Fifties-inspired look, which would fit right in at the retro-loving British Polo Day in Pacific Palisades. Style notes to self: 1) invest in rose gold sunglasses, give socks-and-sandals one more try, wear a pleated skirt before Labor Day, and try to find the tiniest beaded bag possible.

See Stewart's full look below, plus a shot of her with co-star Jesse Eisenberg.