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Local Influencer Maceo Paisley Shows Off His Signature Style

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Maceo Paisley is a dude-about-town. The Renaissance man—who's repertoire includes (but is not limited to) rapping, singing, dancing, event hosting, writing, and designing—can hardly walk into a room in Los Angeles without knowing at least a few folks, and we'd venture to guess that his colorful style plays a part in why the artist is so memorable. Well, that and the fact that his online creative community Citizens of Culture is constantly keeping him in LA's cultural loop.

You'll rarely find Paisley without some of his signatures: a funky hat, cool specs, and vibrant socks (usually from his own label Paisley Sockwear). This so-called "uniform" only adds to the animated, energetic personality he exudes. The modern cultural guru recently squeezed us into his packed schedule to talk about his wardrobe staples, whose style he's crushing on, and the local shop that might be worth blowing his grocery budget.

Tell us about your outfit:

I call it my "uniform" because it's modular, basic, but it still fits me.

I always have a hat on because its an opportunity to add style to my look without embellishing. I like vintage hats of all kinds, from cotton baseball caps from the 50s or this corduroy "bum hat" as I call it. The brim is flipped up so people can actually see my face.

Glasses are a necessity but I have several pairs, I normally pick based on what I am doing, like shoes: formal, flashy, casual. These are "birth control goggles" I got from the Army. Not from an army surplus store or a vintage store, but from the actual Army.

The button-up is so I can seem pseudo-professional, with the presidential "man of the people" 3/4 sleeve roll. The white t-shirt says, "I’m not trying too hard." The belt is a pop of color and black jeans are versatile but they stretch so I can skate or ride my bike as I need to get around. Socks are another fun splash I like to employ and a fresh pair of kicks to round out the solid fit.

Describe your style in three words:

Casual, Fitted, Colorful.

What LA boutique is your happy place?

I love Wittmore, they just opened a store in the Arts District. It’s so me I can’t even visit as often as I’d like because I would be eating noodles everyday to pay for my clothing habit.

What fashion item are you obsessed with buying right now?

Well I should say socks, because I run an online sock company, Paisley Sockwear, but I am more obsessed with designing them than buying them.

What are you currently on the hunt for?

Right now I am looking for a great pair of sneakers. I love what Generic Surplus is doing so I will probably grab another pair of those.

Who's your style crush?

My style crush, has been Ouigi Theodor for as long as I can remember. The dude is flawless and I can see what hes doing as a goal with some minor tweaks because I dont know that his lifestyle is as active as mine so Id add in some Victor Cruz to spice it up.

To learn more about Maceo and his many projects, visit his website here. Stay up-to-date with his style (and dance videos...and impressive yoga moves) by following him on Instagram. Watch the video for his recently released "Talking, Touching" here.