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LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #8: Katrina Valdez, Crunch Sunset

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Don't let Katrina Valdez's innocent looks fool you; the girl is a beast in the gym. "I've been called a 'slave-driver' by many of my clients," she tells us. "I never make workouts easy. I give my clients what they need and what they want, which means I will safely push them to their limits."

A studious fitness fiend, Crunch Sunset's go-to personal trainer graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Kinesiology and is on her way to pursuing a master's degree in Sport Management. "I became a trainer in 2012 because fitness became a lifestyle," she notes. Although Valdez prefers to torture teach clients one-on-one, she takes TRX And boxing classes whenever she has the time.

[8/13, 2pm] LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #8: Katrina Valdez, Crunch Sunset

When she's not Crunch-ing it up to motivational jams like "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor ("How can you not feel as pumped as Rocky Balboa when you hear that song?"), this petite babe is busy filling up her passport. "I've been traveling since I was young," she reveals. "I've been to about 25 different countries, and each trip brings me a new perspective on life each time. I love immersing myself in different cultures and feeling out of my element."