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LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #4: Jenn Glysson, The Changing Room

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Jenn Glysson loves sugar and hates running. "Crazy, right? I don't mind sprints so much, but actual running, as in more than a lap on a track? No way, not my thing," she deadpans. "As for the sugar, it's a problem. If I didn't have to limit my intake, I would just eat meat and sugar all day!"

Glysson's unapologetic sweet tooth must be why the beautiful blonde is a nonstop ball of energy, providing instant motivation (and a killer soundtrack with songs like Kanye West's "Blood on the Leaves") for her loyal clients at private training space The Changing Room. "I teach a class that I program weekly, which includes a little bit of all training methods," she explains. "It includes a dynamic warm-up, a strength portion and some HIIT. We use body weight, bands, medicine balls, TRX, dumbbells, kettle bells, olympic lifts, battle ropes, agility drills, rowers, jump ropes, a bit of BAR, floor Pilates, and outdoor runs. Your entire body will thank me after class!"

[8/11, 2pm] LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #4: Jenn Glysson, The Changing Room

Despite her super-challenging programs, the 14-year veteran claims to be a rather laid-back trainer: "But don't get me wrong; if someone is doing something incorrect, or not giving their maximum effort, I will let it be known in a heartbeat, but more so in a calm and collected manner rather than screaming. Being screamed at was never my thing, and it never motivated me as an athlete."

Want to get fit like Glysson? Newsflash: you'll have to work for it. "There is no magic pill or quick fix, sorry!" she says. "No one wants to hear that, but it's the truth. If you are truly ready to change, then get ready to put in the work, eat right, and try to find a trainer or a workout that can provide you with variety so you don't plateau."