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LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #1: Ryan Adams, Mansion Fitness

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Ryan Adams has been in the wellness and fitness game for a decade. A self-proclaimed nerd (his workout soundtrack is heavy on TEDTalks podcasts and audio books), the brainy babe owes his success to his dad, who helped him get out of a bad place post-high school. "No matter what life threw at my family, my dad was realistic, hard-working, optimistic, resolute, consistent, and just overall pretty even-keeled and took things in stride," Adams explains. "What I realized at the time was my dad always had the outlet of fitness to decompress and let whatever energy he was dealing with out in a positive way. So, I decided to change up my patterns completely and start being good to my body and mind and see if that could change my outlook. Fitness empowered me and changed my life."

Fast-forward to today, Adams is still being good to his body (as you can see) and helping others do the same at Mansion Fitness in West Hollywood, where he specializes in "high-level customized training methodology for individual clients or semi private training of groups no larger than three." To make sure that his clients always stay challenged, he's known for frequently switching up routines, blending "HIIT, Tabata, Complex Olympic lifts, energy systems training, mobility/stability/movement workouts, recovery and revitalization days, and conventional old school bodybuilding splits with nuanced detail work to give my clients a complete well rounded program."

LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #1: Ryan Adams, Mansion Fitness

While working out with Adams will definitely test your strength, this Justin Bobby lookalike (do you see it?) is definitely not a drill sergeant. "I feel that people go to work and get hassled by bosses, clients, and coworkers already, so I want working out to be their happy place, their sanctuary to get away from all of the day's negativity," he tells us. "My training style is more collaborative because we are in this together. I'm not here to collect a paycheck, I am here to get people amazing results by leading them through this journey."

Speaking of sanctuaries, another one of his happy places is in the bedroom, which is why he keeps it pristinely clean. "I'm kind of a germ freak, so I don't allow outside clothes inside or on top of my bed. That's my sanctuary and my clean place—I can't even fall asleep there if I haven't showered!"

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Mansion Fitness

7912 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046 (323) 378-5818