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A Studio 54-Inspired Party for Cat Lovers Invades Hollywood Next Month

Eric Charles/Catnip Club

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From conventions to cafés, it's clear LA is crazy—maybe even literally—about all things felines. Helping crazy-cool cat ladies channel their objects of affection through their best disco dance moves is Catnip Club, which is relaunches its Studio 54-themed soirée at new Hollywood venue Sisterhood next month. This is what we've been waiting for.

Going down Saturday, September 12th at 10pm, the female-fueled (and members-only) event was founded earlier this spring by EDM industry vet Franny Devine. On top of wearing their best kitty-inspired ensemble, partygoers will enjoy live burlesque, '70s and '80s tunes, mirrorballs, plenty of glitter, and "just enough sleaze to please."

Card-carrying cat lovers can expect free and discounted entry to parties, supper clubs, and other events; memberships are $10 (regularly $100) for six months or $250 (regularly $1,000) for life. Even better: proceeds benefit non-profit group Kitty Rescue.

Into it? Join the club here and read more about the event's vibes below.


Catnip Club/Facebook

What inspired you to start Catnip Club?

Long story short, I have worked within the EDM industry for the last eight years. I got so bored of promoting minimal techno nights with uber cool DJ's and brutalist artwork it felt really homogeneous, although I am a massive techno geek. From an events perspective I am really inspired by Factory-era Warhol, Keith Haring, Paradise Garage etc and my views on nightlife are really focused on being able to wear a mask for an evening, to put on a show, to leave your home life behind you and pretend you are someone you are not.

What's Catnip Club all about?

The LA nightlife scene is so polarised, it's either blorange—blonde hair and orange spray tan—girls quaffing bottle service on one hand or beard-stroking techno purists on the other, and don't even get me started on how male dominated the industry and the events are. There's no middle ground so with Catnip Club we tried to create that: a female-focused party where you can dress up, dance like nobody's watching, pretend to be a cat for the night and then go back to your normal routine the next day feeling better for it.

What kind of beats can partygoers expect?

We are very different from other "novelty" events around town in so much as we are ALL about the music, we play strict disco selections which range from underground '70s Italo to modern nu disco and killer crowd pleasers like Chaka Khan.

Why the Studio 54 theme?

We wanted to hark back to a bygone age of hedonism and the second being we will be the first event at a new venue in Hollywood called Sisterhood, to christen the venue we thought it would only be fair to dump glitter in the space and start it as we mean to go along.


1627 North Gower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA