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How Re/Done Is Turning It Girls Into Fangirls

Erin Wasson for Re/Done. All images courtesy unless noted otherwise.

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Thanks to companies like Reformation, eco-friendly fashion is no longer limited to just burlap bags and organic cotton. In-demand brands are starting to get creative with both the production and promotion of sustainable style, creating clever campaigns and flattering fits that cool girls truly want to wear.

One label leading the trend is Re/Done, an e-commerce company founded by fashion vets Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur that breath new life into vintage denim—primarily Levi's—at its factory in the heart of DTLA. Although repurposing baby blues isn't exactly a novel concept (local shops like Denim Revival and Foxhole offer similar services), Re/Done's reinventions are backed by star power, boasting a slew of famous fans (Erin Wasson, Bella Hadid, Mazur's fiancé Alessandra Ambrosio) who often star in its digital campaigns.

Speaking of the digital world, Re/Done prides itself on the fact that the brand was born online, launching sexy teasers on Instagram before its official launch. Here, Barron and Mazur give us the scoop on their company's success, their most popular style, and which bloggers get it right.

What were you guys doing before Re/Done?

Sean has been working in the fashion industry for over twenty years, launching companies such as Katayone Adeli and Joie. Jamie used to have a company called Underground Denim. It was a mobile sample sale business that travelled to different college campuses around the country.


How important was social media to Re/Done's launch?

Social media played a huge role in the launch strategy of our company. We started with our Instagram three months before our site was live and ready to start selling to build excited around our concept. It worked; we sold out on our first day in business.

Do you recruit all the girls behind your campaigns or have some of them reached out as personal fans?

It has happened both ways, and always super organically. With one really big model, we can't say who, we were dying to get in contact with her. We tried everything and couldn't seem to connect. Then one day, we get an email notifying us of a sale, and it was her. We couldn't believe it. So we immediately reached out. It was meant to be!


Where do you source your denim from?

We source our denim from rag houses all over the country. You wouldn't believe these places - stacked to the ceiling with jeans. It is really incredible to trace where they come from. The South definitely has some of the best.

What steps do you take to ensure your production is as sustainable as possible?

We are really proud that our product is made of recycled materials. Because of that, we don't have to use harsh chemicals on our jeans to achieve the beautiful wear patterns that vintage jeans naturally have.


When reimagining denim, how do you decide what works and what doesn't?

The women in our lives and the girls in the office add their input when we are developing new styles.

What is your bestselling denim style?

The High Rise.

What are your thoughts on the influx of LA denim brands out there?

We think it's great! LA has always been the lifeblood of the denim. Plus the fashion scene in LA is really having a moment.

Alessandra Ambrosio in Re/Done shorts. [FameFlynet]

Who are some of your favorite famous fans to work with?

Jamie: Well for me, it is definitely my fiancé, Alessandra Ambrosio. She makes most jeans look great, but none as good as ours!

Which LA bloggers really "get it" when it comes to styling denim?

We are really lucky to count some of the biggest bloggers in the world as our fans. We always love to see how Chiara Ferragni, Rumi Neely, and Vanessa Hong wear our pieces.

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