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'Clueless' Malls: Beverly Center, Westside Pavillion, More

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Since yesterday was the official 20th anniversary of Clueless (it was released in US theaters on July 19th, 1995—feel old yet?), we're paying tribute to the cult-classic film by highlighting the three LA malls that Cher Horowitz and friends swore by.

Our sister site Curbed LA has created a super-handy guide to all of the film's LA location sites, which includes the exterior of Westside Pavillion in Westwood (Cher's sanctuary, a place she can gather her thoughts and regain her strength), the Beverly Center (where Cher and Di shopped at Contempo Casuals), and Westfield Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks (where Tai has a near-death experience).

Of the three malls featured, Beverly Center is by far the most popular, offering everything from LA's first Uniqlo to a slew of secret food trucks. And although Beverly Hills is still the place for ritzy spending sprees (remember when Cher sadly walks down One Rodeo Drive's famous steps?), we can't help but think that today's privileged shopaholics are actually more interested in Downtown's stylish retail offerings. Times have certainly changed.