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This Billboard Is Going Naked Today


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As demonstrated by that skimpy David Beckham for H&M statue that popped up in LA a few years ago, LA folks love them some good, clean nudity. (Or maybe just David Bechkam.)To promote the latest season of Dating Naked: Playing For Keeps, today VH1 will unveil an interactive, street-level billboard on the corner of Hollywood and Highland, which features strategic tabs covering a clothed couple. Passerbys are encouraged to peel away said tabs to eventually reveal a naked female and male by the end of the day.

If you need further incentive to strip that billboard down (it'd sitting next door to American Eagle), VH1 has placed a slew of naked-related prizes behind each tab including, deals at SunStudio LA, The Naked Store, Beba Day Spa, The Boudoir Café, Drawing Party LA, Capture: LA Boudoir, and Terra Cotta Inn. Once the billboard is legit naked (don't worry, sensor strips will be covering genitals), it will remain that way for two weeks. In other words, Hollywood and Highland will be a no-family-zone for two weeks.