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Uber Might Get Banned In California

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Despite making efforts to erase its sketchy history by teaming up with positive company's like Goodwill, Uber may be getting the boot from California soon. Our sister site Curbed LA reports that a judge has ordered the mobile ridesharing service to pay a $7.3-million fine and prepare to be stripped of its license in 30 days. The strict verdict comes after the California Public Utilities Commission's 2013 ruling that allowed ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft to operate under strict guidelines. Uber failed the test.

"Uber has not complied with state laws designed to ensure that drivers are doling out rides fairly to all passengers, regardless of where they live or who they are," says a CPUC spokesperson. "Uber has also refused to provide data on the matter [...] They had a year to comply with these regulations, and didn't do it."

Although Uber says that they're going to appeal the ruling, Curbed notes that "they make it all go away, though, by just fully complying. They might wanna do that, because getting kicked off their home turf (they're based in San Francisco) is a pretty bad look."

A pretty bad look, indeed. What will we all do in a world with no Uber and a lack of reliable parking options in rising shopping nabes like DTLA? Something's gotta give.