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Beverly Center Doesn't Want You to Know About Its Secret Food Trucks

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Despite scoring LA's first Uniqlo and tons of cult designer retailers (Maje, Sandro, Saint Laurent), the Beverly Center is still lacking one very important shopping center essential: a food court. Save for a tiny Wetzel's Pretzels station and that Obika Mozzarella Bar, it's been nearly two years since the hub has been high and dry of real dining options. (Chipotle, CPK, and P.F. Changs are on the street, so they don't count.) However, for employees and super-savvy shoppers, there is an underground world of delicious food available—and Beverly Center is doing everything they can to keep it on the DL.

A trusted tipster tells us that every day around lunch time, three rotating food trucks turn up inside the parking lot next to the Macy's Mens store. "Beverly Center wants to keep it a secret so it doesn't get too busy," they reveal. "Although the shopping center would like it to be just for employees, it's actually open to the public. There is no signage or mention of the trucks in the mall. Mall employees have been told not to direct customers there if they are hungry. They won't even let the trucks tweet their location!"

If you need further proof of Beverly Center's hidden food trucks, the official schedule can be viewed here. Below is the underground business in action.



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