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Everything You Need to Know About Hello Kitty's Warehouse Sale This Weekend

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A Hello Kitty robot from the Japanese American National Museum's 40th anniversary <a href="">retrospective exhibit</a>.
A Hello Kitty robot from the Japanese American National Museum's 40th anniversary retrospective exhibit.

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It's a big week for Hello Kitty devotees: in addition to that Supercute Friendship Fest transforming the Forum into a massive happy cosplay party, the cute character's unleashing major deals—up to 70% off stationery, decor, toys, jewelry, and more—at her much-hyped warehouse sale this Saturday (9am to 5pm) and Sunday (10am to 3pm).

Given that this weekend's epic blowout is taking place at the Torrance HQ of Neko World Inc. (a Sanrio licensee and manufacturer) and not at a massive hotel like past sales, we're updating our last shopping survival guide with even more need-to-know info straight from the sale organizers themselves. As mentioned, staff is keeping mum on the exact items to expect, but know that there'll be current-season products for up to 40% off.

Good luck, and feel free to share your past sale experiences and advice in the comments.

1. No strollers or wheeled shopping carts: Kiddies are allowed, but buggies are not; reusable (foldable) shopping bags are fine, but not flea market-style baskets.

2. Bring cash and credit. All major credit cards are accepted, but no checks.

3. Finish your munchies or drinks first. Note that food and drinks won't be allowed inside the sale.

4. There may be shopping time limits. To ensure that everyone scores a chance to shop, staff may limit shopping time depending on the turnout.

5. The line will form outside of the building. The forecast is 75 and sunny, so bring some shade and SPF, but avoid bringing folding chairs or any other bulky items.

6. Pricing will be posted. Staff won't be able to price-check at the register, so be sure to confirm prices before you line up to check out.

7. No hoarding allowed. Per staff, no "sitting on the sales floor" or reserving merch to mull over.

8. Only items seen on tables are shoppable. If there's extra stock stored in boxes, rest assured staff will be replenishing merch. Grabby folks run the risk of getting kicked out, so relaaax.

9. All merch presented at the register must be purchased. To avoid possible buyer's remorse, there'll be a box before the front of the line for last-minute castoffs.

10. Only buyers are allowed in line. If you roll up with a crew or family members, they'll be kindly asked to wait for you outside to accommodate more shoppers.

11. No ins and outs. After you've checked out, you must exit the sale.

12. There will be bathrooms. They're located inside of the building; if nature calls while you're queued up, staff be allowing linegoers a few at a time.

13. On-site parking is limited. Street parking is also available; if you're so inclined, you can scope out the parking scene on Google Street View, you Type A shopper.

Neko World Inc.

20300 South Vermont Avenue, Torrance, CA 90502, USA