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E! Reveals First Promo Image and Cast Descriptions For 'Hollywood Cycle'

E! Entertainment

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Now that we're just a month away from the premiere of Racked Fit Club-approved indoor cycling studio Cycle House's new E! reality show, Hollywood Cycle, the network is starting to build hype by unleashing more exciting details.

Now that we know the juicy angle of the six, hour-long episode series (it "follows the 'ride or die' lives of high profile instructors, along with three up-and-coming trainees, whose strong, driven personalities often clash both in their professional and personal lives"), here's the full cast (including a Racked LA Hottest Trainer contestant), per an E! press release:

Nichelle Hines - Cycle House's Chief Riding Officer and Lead Instructor. Nichelle is intense, unapologetic, direct and always gets her matter what it takes.

Aaron Hines - Cycle House Director of Training/Instructor. Aaron, Nichelle's brother, is the "big man on campus" and with his female clientele, he's been able to get away with murder when it comes to mixing work and play.

Nick Hounslow - Cycle House Apparel Director/Instructor. Nick is the glue that keeps this trio together but constantly puts everyone else's feelings before his to make that happen.

Chad Tepper - Trainee Instructor. The class clown's take-no-prisoners attitude immediately gets him in trouble with current pack leaders Aaron and Nick.

Shannon Decker - Trainee instructor. Shannon brings a level of competitiveness not yet seen in a trainee before at Cycle House, which quickly makes her both a leading contender and instructor favorite.

Sarafina Mundo - Trainee Instructor. Sarah is a self-made woman who is unapologetic, passionate, outspoken and looking to make a name for herself in LA.

Adam and Lara Gillman - Cycle House Co-Founders and Co-Owners. Adam And Lara often find themselves at odds with their rock star instructors leading both groups to clash over what each think is best for the business and the brand.

See the first Hollywood Cycle promo photo in full below.