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A Fashion-Faved LA Florist on Wedding Bloom Trends, Tips, and Tricks

Dominick B. Photography

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There's a reason why cult-cool local labels like Wildfox, For Love & Lemons, and Stone Cold Fox are madly in love with Flower Girl Los Angeles's Kelsey Harper. In addition to crafting Coachella-bound floral crowns and whimsical technicolor bouquets—all with as little waste as possible—for a host of fashionable clients, the LA-based petal whisperer whips up equally stunning stem collections for stylish weddings.

To ensure that your blooms stay fresh throughout the Big Day, we've asked Harper to share her favorite floral trends, why you should leave the job to a pro, her top DIY tricks, and more. Check out her dreamy deliverables here and book her by calling (323) 543-5513.


Dominick B. Photography

What's the most important reason to hire a professional florist, and how far in advance of the wedding should they be booked?

Taking the pressure off yourself on your big day is extremely important. There is so much coordinating and planning that goes into a wedding beforehand that on the day of your wedding and the day before you should be focusing on yourself and enjoying your time with friends and family.

I advise at least six to eight months, as weddings are usually on weekends and those weekends fill up fast!

What are some of the latest floral trends you're noticing?

I am noticing the popular use of long garlands made of eucalyptus or olive branch on longer tables down the center and draped over chuppahs or along the edge of bar or food tables. I love it!


Flower Girl LA

What are some classic, no-fuss, and foolproof florals?
Anything white and green. I love peonies, eucalyptus, garden roses, and hydrangea.

What are the most common DIY mistakes to avoid?

Overbuying and carrying their own five-gallon buckets through the flower market with them. The flowers will be okay out of water until you get home or back to your car. I like to calculate how many stems I need for each arrangement by making a sample beforehand.

Calculate how many stems of each flowers you will need and then buy the appropriate amount, as each variety sold at the market is sold in a bunch with the same amount of stems. Always add a few extra bunches of each to account for damaged flowers or wilting.


What are the top three things that should be considered when considering wedding floral styles?

Choose things that are timeless. When I look back at my moms wedding flowers from the '80s it was all pink lilies and baby breath, which just screams dated now. Try to choose colors that are simple and elegant, and something that when you look back in 20 or 30 years you'll still love!

Second, don't overspend on glassware for your florals. Try to borrow or rent items that you won't need to store or keep after the wedding.

Lastly, get creative with your vessels, or opt for a garland or something a little different but not too wild.

What are your top floral tips for outdoor garden weddings?

Make sure to buy things that do not wilt easily in the sun. Peonies and dahlias in particular are not big fans of heat, or sun beating down upon them. Keeping stems cut daily will help your flowers drink up as much water as they need and will help keep your flowers perky.

What are the best florals for budget weddings?

I love hydrangea, dusty miller, snapdragons and stock. Avoid things like peonies and garden roses.