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Ellen DeGeneres On Her New Lifestyle Line, LA Shopping Faves, and More

All photos except preview image courtesy of ED by Ellen

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From organizing the most retweeted celebfie to getting the POTUS to show off his dance moves, it's safe to say Ellen DeGeneres is one of our ultimate girl crushes. (Trust!) The always-positive powerhouse famously came out on Oprah in 1997, and today, the daytime talk show host is giving fans a peek inside her closet and more with the launch of her new lifestyle line, ED by Ellen.

Pronounced "Ed," the collection is comprised of apparel, accessories, and home goods ($8 to $365) and blends DeGeneres's signature tomboy style, love for furry creatures, and eye for design. (An interior decor tome titled Home is due this October.) Just a few stylish standouts include this classic bomber jacket ($245), this cozy terry crew ($95), this effortless striped tank ($40), and this very cat lady-friendly pin ($8).

We sat down with the mononymous media mogul to find out how LA inspired her designs, her favorite local shops, her favorite piece from her line, and more. Read on below and shop ED by Ellen starting today here.


A peek at the collection during ED by Ellen's spring preview.

What's your favorite piece from your apparel collection, and what inspired it?

I love the navy zip-up sweatshirt with the goat icon. It was inspired by three of my favorite things: comfort, the color blue and goats. It's one of those pieces you can wear everyday. And if you were to ever leave it on a bus, you would cry for a week.

How has Los Angeles inspired your lifestyle label?

People in LA dress a certain way—casual but tailored; laid back but not lazy. My collection is a perfect blend of that. And each piece has a tiny bit of sand in the pocket. [Editor's note: ha!]


Given that you're a huge music fan, what song would you say best captures the soul of your collection?

"Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye. It has a double meaning. You'll want to get these clothes on and then once you get them on, oooh, people are gonna wanna get it on.

What are a few of your favorite places to shop in LA? 

I love Obsolete, Blackman Cruz, Galerie Half, and Lucca. And I get all my easy listening CDs from the counter at Starbucks.


If you could interview any legend from the past or present, who would it be and what would you ask them?

Well I wouldn't choose a present-day legend because I have my own show and I get to talk to them every day.

So I guess whoever invented socks. What a smart, clever person that must've been. I mean, how'd they think of that? How did they know one size would fit so many feet? Is that silly? Should I have said Jesus? Okay, Jesus. But he could've used some socks.