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Teatox Your Way to a Bloat-Free Summer

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Your Tea’s Teatox felt like the golden ticket to the tea-train that everyone seems to be riding right now while also resetting our body’s standards. When we found out that we weren't forced to give up anything but only encouraged to cut back on colder foods-because they make the digestive system work overtime-we were sold.

We started with the 14 Day Tiny Tea Teatox because being new to the land of teas, our commitment game was not strong enough for the 28 day plan. The $35 box arrived with 42 tea packs and promised to assist with bloating, digestion and problematic skin among other things. Drink three teas a day, thirty minutes before or after meals, was the only rule. How hard could this be?

Tiny Teatox


Spoke too soon per usual. The first day wasn’t quite as easy as we thought. After all, it’s just a little extra tea right? Being coffee drinkers and breaking our tea cherry for the most part, it was a bit of an adjustment getting used to the blandness (we did have one cup of joe to get our blood pumping as there is no added caffeine to the Your Tea blend). We started the day with our first tea on an empty stomach and followed the rules by having the second and third about thirty minutes before lunch and dinner. By the time we got to Pilates we were already feeling lighter but walked out of class needing a shower immediately. Still trying to decide if that extra gallon of sweat had anything to do with the muggy LA weather or if this detox was doing its thing.


We woke up feeling lighter and cleaner and went in on the first day’s tea before heading out into the day which consisted of of working from the car. On our way to breakfast we noticed that we were feeling a little nauseous but as soon as we settled into Cecconi’s breakfast that disappeared. Luckily, the baristas at Starbucks didn’t mind sharing a cup of hot water as we had the second tea of the day on the road. This time, we added a little lemon for flavor… Game. Changed.

Tiny Teatox


Woke up this morning feeling like those skinny jeans from high school might actually fit. This tea, coupled with our daily workouts, might be all we need to get through the summer pool party schedule. We noticed a couple of unwanted pimples on our chin, clearly the body is taking this high school body thing to heart, but read that in the beginning stages of the teatox this is completely normal. Our first mistake of the week came tonight at dinner. While we’ve been eating fairly clean for the most part, tonight we stuffed our face with guacamole and tacos. The tea was not cool with it.


Today marks our biggest set back. We thought we were getting used to this tea thing but were not prepared for a day trip to the Santa Barbara wineries. We hit the ground running but as we arrived to Santa Barbara and had a few pinot grigios, we fell apart and tapped out for the day. Feeling nothing but guilt right now, we have hope for a better tomorrow.

Tiny Teatox


We are back on track! Our body definitely feels the affects of yesterday’s bad decisions but that feeling in the pit of our stomach-yes, literally-has given us the motivation we need to keep fighting the good fight. We woke up and felt the need to eat, immediately, so we started with food and had the tea thirty minutes later. Although having the tea after a meal is allowed, we much prefer the feeling of heating up an empty stomach. Also, good deed for the day, we donated one tea pack to a colleague and received this text tonight, "Girl, it helped, my stomach went down. I was so bloated." That was after just one drink. You’re welcome friend.


We are almost to the halfway mark and our teenage angst pimples have left the building. We ate cleaner still trying to rectify the weekend’s damages and are back in the game. Bloat-be-gone.

Tiny Teatox Tag


Tag. We are seven days in and feeling good. We had a three slices of turkey bacon for breakfast, a small salad for lunch and sushi for dinner. There is a noticeable difference in the way we feel when we eat better than the day we ate junk, like with anything, but it is clear the tea works its magic much easier on an empty stomach. We are ready to finish out the next week like a boss and might even order an extra box to have around for days when we need a reset.


Remembering to drink the goods 30 minutes before a meal isn’t at easy as you would think and we admit that, while the teatox doesn’t ask for much more, committing to three teas a day for two weeks is a bit ambitious. However, the results of just feeling healthier and more on point is worth a little pre-planning each morning. The best part is that suffering a small set-back doesn’t kill the dream. We can’t wait to try some of the brand’s other options like the Skin Magic Tea or especially their Hangover Tea for those mornings when we just cannot. No really though, Sex Tea anyone?