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Adidas's Revolutionary Sneaker Reservation Mobile App Is Now Serving LA


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If you drive past the streetwear-heavy Fairfax District on any given morning, chances are that you'll encounter a crazy-long line in front of one of the area's popular kicks shops. Although queuing up at the oddest of hours to scoop up a limited-edition style is simply part of the game, savvy sneakerheads are looking for a shortcut, which is where Adidas steps in.

Following last winter's launch with Kanye West's Yeezy Boost at New York Fashion Week, Adidas's first-of-its-kind "Confirmed" sneaker reservation mobile app is making its way to Los Angeles.

Here's how it works: download and install the app (via iTunes or Google Play), registering your name, email, and zip code. Next, enable push notifications and location services to receive a push notification when shoe reservations are available in your hood. After reserving a pair of shoes in your size, you'll be notified where and when to pick up shoes for purchase. When they're ready, arrive at designated retail location during a specific window of time, present the app's reservation confirmation to a store associate, pay for your kicks, and you're out of there.