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Hundreds Lined Up for Hello Kitty's Warehouse Sale Last Weekend

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Unlike Hello Kitty's Supercute Friendship Festival, cosplay enthusiasts did not make an appearance at her two-day warehouse sale this weekend—probably because Lolitawear doesn't have the same effect as, say, sweatpants when you're lining up at 3am. That's the arrival time of the first group of shoppers, who were already loading IKEA bag-sized hauls into their cars by the time we rolled up to Saturday's scene 30 minutes into the event.

As mentioned, the sale was held at Sanrio licensee and manufacturer Neko World Inc.'s Torrance HQ, where the sale space (only about 500 square feet!) was just a fraction of the size of its previous hotel blowouts. Sale organizers did their best to make sure this fact was not lost upon the over the 900 shoppers who were queued up by 10am (one attendee notes that at 7am and there were still fewer than 200 people); they gave regular rundowns of the sitch: groups of 15 to 20 would be allowed inside with 15 minutes to shop.

As far as merch, inventory included plushes, backpacks, jewelry, steering wheel covers, beer glasses, purses, and more; staff told us smaller goods and luggage were the first items to go. Above, check out more photos—including from inside the sale—and let us know what you scored in the comments below.