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Show Me Your Mumu's Boho Babe Founders Show Off Their Printastic HQ

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Given its perennially fest-ready vibes and breezy skin-baring silhouettes, you'd peg Show Me Your Mumu as a born-and-bred LA brand. In fact, the label was dreamed up in 2009 by then-NY-based founders Cammy Hebert and Cologne Shmidt during a Miami vacay, where the two DIY'd their very own muumuus.

Famous fans like Alessandra Ambrosio, Rosie H-W, and Kendall Jenner can still thank the Golden State for the label's beginnings—New Orleans-raised Hebert and Newport Beach-born Schmidt met as undergrads at UC Berkeley. After living and working in New York (and selling Mumu on the side), the smart duo decided to pursue SMYM full-time and relocated to Venice.

Although we know where the stylish pair likes to chill in their coastal nabe, we wanted to see first-hand where the magical muumuu-making happens. (Originally spelled "mu'u mu'u" in Hawaiian, the girls opted for a shorter version to fit their stylish reinventions.) Above, explore the colorful 4,000-square-foot Mumu Factory in Vernon and read more about Hebert an Schmidt's journey below.

You both met at UC Berkeley—what were your majors, and do you remember the exact moment that you met?

Cologne: Before we met at UC Berkeley, I had met one of Cammy's friends, and she tried to 'set us up' as friends. I ended up meeting Cammy on one of the first days of school, and we knew each other's names through the attempted 'set up.' We laughed and have been friends ever since. Cammy was a Film Theory major, and I was a Business major—not exactly fashion, but they didn't have that major at Berkeley.

What were you doing before creating the brand?

Cologne: We were roommates in NYC, both working in Fashion Showrooms. Cammy worked for Contemporary PJK and Elizabeth & James, and I worked for Calvin Klein. We started Mumu on the side, and used the skills we learned from the showrooms.

What inspired you to relocate from New York to Venice?

Cammy: We began selling our mumus on our online store, and quickly understood what needed to be done. We quit our jobs and began running Mumu full time. With the advice of one of our business mentors Peter Koral [of Koral Denim], we moved to Venice to produce the line in downtown LA and run the business from California.

Who or what are the inspirations behind your designs?

Cammy: We are always inspired from our Mumu travels, and our lives in Venice. We've created a brand that encompasses the carefree Mumu lifestyle; girls having fun and being themselves. Girls who wear Mu and our own Mumu team will continue to inspire us and our designs everyday.

Describe a typical day in your Vernon Mumu Factory. What's the design process like, and who does what?

Cologne: Cammy and I both do most of the creative work together—the design, the photo shoot inspiration, and the fabric print creation, but we still do different things. Cammy is in charge of the wholesale side, and I am in charge of the e-commerce.

We have amazing teams in place that make the Mumu world go round—production, sales, e-comm, and design. There is a whole bunch of Mumu Girls (and a few Mu Men now!), who work hard in the office for the brand. We have a dream team and we all have so much fun.

What in particular do you love about your space?

Cammy: We used to work in a tiny Venice garage, so we love being in an organized space where we have the room to create and work separately on our own projects. We keep the office VERY colorful and Mumu-fied to ensure we are constantly reminded of the young and exciting brand we are a part of.

What's your bestselling print so far?

Cammy: Probably the original Peacock print. We launched it with our first collection, and it is still a fan favorite. We also love our Whole Mu World Map print, and our Lady Rose print.

What mumu styles will you be living in this summer and how will you wear them?

Cammy: We live in our Circus Mini Dresses, and our new Heather Halter Maxi Dress. We love the new Mumu Cut-Offs jean shorts, and our Berkeley Bell Bottom Jeans! They are great with all of our chiffon printed pieces.

What can we expect from the brand in the future? Do you think you'll ever make baby mumus?

Cologne: We just launched Mumu Blue, our denim label online. We are currently working on activewear, and soon, bikinis! Cammy and I are both getting married this year, so we are launching Mumu Weddings with Bridesmaid dresses that we will have in our weddings. Then, who knows, MiniMumu will probably be next! With every new chapter of our lives comes new Mu. As we grow, so does the brand and we are so lucky to be on this adventure together.