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Genius Shipping-On-Demand App Shyp Now Serving the Hollywood Area

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Last month, we introduced you to Shyp, a hot new app that eliminates your post office headache by picking up your shipment right from your home, packing it, and sending it anywhere in the world using the lowest cost and most reliable option.

Previously only servicing Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and parts of Downtown, the app has just announced that they've expanded its coverage area to include Hollywood's 90028 zip code. Hell yes.

A quick refresher on how the app works: simply download the app and take a photo of what you want to ship and request a pickup. A Shyp courier will then arrive within 20 minutes to grab it, ship it, and send it off to its destination. (See what you can/can't send via Shyp.) You'll receive a tracking number by the next day. The service cost $5, plus shipping costs.

Wanna check it out? Doesn't forget to use that RACKEDLA promo code when signing up to core $20 in shipping credits. (Valid through June 13th.)