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Here's How to Buy an Apple Watch at LA's Maxfield

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A little over two weeks after Maxfield exclusively launched its Apple Watch shop-in-shop, diehards are still feverishly lining up to scoop the store's limited stock, which gets replenished almost daily and sells out ridiculously fast. If you can't be bothered with Apple's super-lengthy wait time for today's most techgasm-inducing gadget, one Reddit reader reveals his satisfying experience at Maxfield, the only shop in the country that you can directly buy the watch at without ordering online:

I arrived at around 7am on Saturday to find about 40 people waiting outside of the store, most of whom were obviously planning on reselling the watch. At about 9am a security guard came out to the line and handed out tickets, and let us know that we should come back closer to 11 and they will begin helping people by their number. When I arrived back at the store a few Apple employees were making appointment times based on the ticket number. I was given a 1:20 appointment time, not too bad.
When I arrived back at the store for my appointment there was a short wait, and I was taken inside. They let me know that they only had a few of the 38mm sport options and the pink 42mm sport in stock but they could order any watch for me. I decided to go with the 38mm Sport with blue sport band, as I knew I could give it to my mom or sister when my preferred watch came in from Apple.
The friend that I was with placed an order for a 42mm Space Gray Sport, and was told he would be called when it arrived. Sunday, mid afternoon he received a call from the shop saying that his was had arrived and he could walk in to pick it up at any time.
It was a pretty great experience all things considered. After the first couple of hours we were allowed to leave the line, and come back for a scheduled appointment. It was also crazy to see that one of the most popular watches was available the very next day.
If anyone has a June or July shipment date and lives close to LA I would highly recommend going to Maxfield. You can PM me with any questions you might have.
The only downside of purchasing from Maxfield is that they only allow returns within 10 days and only for store credit. Other than that they charge exactly the same as what Apple will, and their service is fantastic. You also have a fairly good chance at seeing someone famous when you are there. We were told that Oprah was in the store a couple of days prior.