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New Yorkers Can't Handle Kim Kardashian's New Book of Sexy Selfies

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On May 5th, Kim Kardashian West unleashed her new book, Selfish in New York. Priced at $19.95, the hefty hardcover features 448 pages of eye-popping selfies, a vain art that the reality star has unapologetically perfected. Although us Angelenos are used to Kim K's antics, East Coasters are still getting used to her racy ways, which is why the fine folks at People took the book to the NY streets to see just how much heat they can handle.

As expect, women were shocked by the exposing snaps, exclaiming everything from "I didn't know those were in there!" to "I just can't believe how naked she is!" to "Is this, like, rated X?!" On the flip side, one guy responded, "Ah, nudies. Can't hate that" while another thirsty observer said, "this book is American."

Have you picked up a copy yet? Book reviews welcomed.