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The Dress Movement Will Solve Your Outfit Conundrums in A Box

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As if waking up couldn't get any easier, here's another LA-bred (and lady-led!) company that's changing the way we get dressed. Meet The Dress Movement, a new budget-friendly delivery service that boxes up a complete outfit styled specifically for your next workday, date night, wedding, and other fashionable occasions.

Created by local entrepreneurs and BFFs Audrey Leoncio and Shirin Moftakhar, the site offers new outfits every Monday. Each kit ($69 to $89) contains a full look (sans shoes) from the brand's own label, a surprise accessory, and a gratis gift for the recipient to keep, even if the box is returned. In addition to offering free shipping, the brand will soon launch a subscription option.

Below, get to know the stylish founders—who even model the styles themselves—and score an exclusive discount to try the Dress Movement for yourself.


The Abroad Dress and the Party Dress.

How did you and Shirin meet?
Audrey: We both grew up in Orange County and met in our early twenties through a mutual friend. We've been friends for almost 10 years.

What inspired you to create the service?

Audrey: I was always helping friends with what to wear—picking out new outfits for them to try on, or going into their closets and putting new outfit combinations together with their existing wardrobe. A lot of those sessions was about teaching them what looked good on them and how to shop on a budget, and I wanted to figure out a way to dress the everyday woman on a bigger scale.

Shirin also has a background in apparel; she's a dress designer by trade and knows what silhouettes work best on woman's body and has a great eye for spotting quality.

We always thought we'd be great business partners with her design background and my e-commerce and digital marketing background and when I moved back to LA last year, we took our idea seriously and just started running with it.


The LBD and Miami Nights.

What's the main goal of The Dress Movement?

Audrey: We're both pretty frugal shoppers and pride ourselves on being able to dig up a quality-made piece from a store like Forever 21, and put together an outfit that looks expensive! So, affordability was also key to our overall concept.

Who are you your style icons and/or entrepreneurial role models?

Shirin: I'm always attracted to an effortless look that is still on trend. I think Alexa Chung and Bella Hadid both understand that aesthetic exceptionally well.

Audrey: As an entrepreneur, I think Michelle Phan has built an incredible brand for herself that's expanded into so many avenues.

How has LA inspired the curated outfits?

Audrey and Shirin: LA is naturally a part of our sensibility because we're based here, so a lot of our outfits have that effortless appeal. But in general, we curate our outfits based on what's appropriate to wear for the occasion. Ease is always at the forefront of our looks because we're also trying to teach our girl that looking "put together" doesn't mean taking hours to get ready.


The Work Day and the Saturday Flea.

What are your current outfit faves?

Audrey: I love the Work Day outfit and Saturday Flea outfit with the fringe kimono over the basic tank dress. You could be comfortable in that running errands and look so chic.

Shirin: I am obsessed with our Date Night II dress. It's the kind of outfit that can transition easily from day to night. The Easy Dress looks great on any body shape.

Where do you see The Dress Movement in five years?

Audrey and Shirin: There are so many directions we can go with this, which is the most exciting part! We're looking to launch our subscription service soon to deliver a box of key pieces that can be styled into multiple outfits, and hope to expand into other divisions like kids and mens.

Our overall mission for The Dress Movement is to help people feel more confident about how they dress—whether they're walking into a job interview or a first date. We're looking forward to expanding our service into other channels that will help us deliver on that mission.

Dig it? The Dress Movement is hooking up Racked readers with 15% off their next outfit with the code TDMLOVESRACKED (expires May 6th, 2016).