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Five Cool Ways to Wear Denim Now, Straight From an LA Jean Queen

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Toni Walker of Fair Season Vintage is an East Coast girl trapped in a California babe's body. The Leonia, New Jersey native, who now calls East Hollywood home, has the blond mane and effortless casual style of a quintessential Golden State gal. And lucky for us, her perfectly curated online shop lets us get our hands on gear that feels as inspired by the past (she counts Jane Birkin as the ultimate icon) as it does her new SoCal address.

FSV features breezy sundresses, worn-in tees, and of course, an abundance of the founder's most sought-after garment: denim. Walker has become renowned for the perfectly worn 501's, booty-hugging bell bottoms, and other impeccable vintage jean offerings. Though she refuses to cough up her local source for scoring those gems, this denim expert is giving us the next best thing: her top five ways to wear the classic in a cool, new way.

Coveralls: "They're comfortable and you don't need to do much to get a complete look. Just shoes, bag, and that's your outfit. A flat or heeled clog, platform wedge, or bare thong sandal is perfect. And because this is men's workwear, a bright lipstick can balance the toughness."

Overalls: "The cool thing about overalls is that, opposed to the coveralls, you have the option of showing off a little skin. Try a cropped shirt that exposes a bit of midriff or go the Alexa Chung route with a black suede platform and sock, and a top with delicate details like a little Peter Pan collar."

Flares: "Unlike skinny jeans, flares balance out a curvy shape. They also add curves to more narrow frames by accentuating the waist and butt. Who doesn't want to look like they have an hourglass figure?"

Raw: "The coolest thing about raw denim is that is hasn't undergone the rigorous washing process other jeans go through so it saves tons and tons of water. Rivi Goods is a local brand that uses raw denim. Since it's naturally so dark, consider contrasting. Wear these with a crisp white shirt and black loafers or try out a 'Canadian tuxedo' with a lighter chambray top."

Distressed: "Because they've been worn in, they're usually softer and more comfortable. This style always reminds me of Kate Moss in the 90's: a black leather jacket or blazer with ripped up jeans. Or it's the perfect excuse to do a tomboy style with a vintage tee or sweatshirt. Then add a sleek ponytail and a red lip to give it a more girly feel."