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Major Bummer: LA's Band of Outsiders Calls It Quits

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Despite producing cool campaigns with superstars like Rashida Jones and Frank Ocean, one of our city's most celebrated hometown heroes, Band of Outsiders, is sadly on the outs.

Fashionista reports that, "according to several people who have worked at, or with, the company, Band of Outsiders has laid off the majority of its staff, and canceled all fall wholesale orders. The brand was low on funds and chose not to produce its next collection. Among those to leave within the last month include Nicole Cari, who was with the Los Angeles-based company from 2008 on as its vice president of marketing and communications."

During a talk at LA's Hammer Museum in 2013, founder Scott Sternberg revealed that he started Band in 2004, after two years of being embroiled in the entertainment industry at Creative Artists Agency. "The day I started I knew I was out of there," he added. Sternberg launched the line with "a couple of credit cards and a bit of savings" and managed to keep it afloat for more than a decade, so kudos to him. Band of Outsiders will be sorely missed.