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More on Cycle House's New E! Reality Series, Premiering July 7th

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Nichelle Hines/Instagram

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As mentioned during our Racked Fit Club class earlier this month, Cycle House is about to become a very big deal. The LA-based indoor cycling studio will soon be a household name across the country with the debut of its very own E! reality series, Hollywood Cycle.

Formerly titled Spun Out, the hour-long, six-episode show is set to premiere on Tuesday, July 7th at 10pm ET/PT, and we can hardly contain our excitement, especially since our girl2013 Hottest Trainer contestant Nichelle Hinesis set to star. E! just released the official storyline:

The new E! series, "Hollywood Cycle," is a never before seen look inside the uber-popular, highly competitive world of indoor cycling at LA’s Cycle House.  The series follows the "ride or die" lives of high profile instructors, along with three up-and-coming trainees,  whose strong, driven personalities often clash both in their professional and personal lives.   While the instructors struggle to keep their sweaty, dark rooms full, their loyal riders ferociously compete for attention and mixing business with pleasure is always tempting.  Viewers will also be introduced to Cycle House management who constantly vie for authority and power.  E!’s new hour-long, six episode series, "Hollywood Cycle," is a raw and real look inside one of today’s hottest, most competitive fitness crazes.