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Swiss Retailer EnSoie Hypnotizes Its LA Staff In Cool, Creepy New Video

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"enSoie is a woman. enSoie is silk. enSoie is a precious flower"—these are just a few ways to describe iconic Swiss boutique enSoie, according to its staff in Zurich and Silver Lake. Shot by acclaimed Mexican director Rafael Palacio Illingworth (fun fact: he's married to the daughter of enSoie founder Monique Meier and is currently in LA shooting his second feature film with Mad Men's Ben Feldman), the five-minute clip gives viewers a peek inside an employee hypnosis session set to haunting melody of "L'Aviatore Dro" by Italian futurist composer Francesco Balilla Pratella.

"The director requested that each of the subjects respond to a series of questions with their eyes closed, in order to further access a deeper level of honesty," the brand tells us. "The results speak for themselves as a myriad of understandings from the enSoie family are achieved, all via contemplating the question: 'What is enSoie?'"